Study Skills Page

Here are 11 information resources i used along my first year to help me write essays and learning :

  1. Trail guide to the body – this helped me with any anatomy i neededd to study –
  2. Discovery – this helped me search for academic journals and evidance to back up my work i had written –
  3. Physio tutors – these videos helped me with learning different muscle manual tests and joint assessments for my muscloskeletal module –
  4. BASRaT – this website helped me see what was expected by me when graduated as the accrediting body –
  5. MARGen – this heped me acdemically write my references –
  6. Mendeley – this also helped with referencing and saved my referances in case i needed to reffer to them –
  7. Ben Jane Fitness – this helped me with updated information and suggested reading for learning and helping towards academic writing –
  8. Physiogram – this let me see into real life patients and the incredible journeys patients have been on and see what can lie instore for me when i graduate –
  9. Academic Phrasebank – this helped me with my essay writing and allowed me to write in an academic matter –
  10. Kahoot! – this was used in my seminars as quizzes for fun interactive learning i also used this at home to have access to other quizzes to do alone or repeat the ones i had done previously –
  11. Kenhub – this is another valuable learning tool i used for anatomy –