Bitty orange juice is NOT being banned in Marjon

Marjon Student Union uses fake news to make their point against the new ban of tabloids in Plymouth University.

The Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun will no longer be sold in the Plymouth University’s shop as the UPSU has decided to censor them.

As a result of Plymouth University’s controversial decision, Marjon Student Union published on Facebook a statement declaring the ban of bitty orange juice in the campus shop for it’s ‘hateful nature’. Although they didn’t actually mean it,”It was said in jest,” said Heiden Tye the S.U. deputy president.

Whilst Fake News are being criticised all over the world after they influenced in major decisions as the US elections or the Brexit referendum, The Marjon’s S.U president, Elias McGill said:”Fake news can be very positive.”

Mr. McGill is convinced that anyone who reads the post would realise it’s a joke and get that what they are actually doing is show their point to “how you can’t just ban something for the sake of it.” However,  The Herald has taken them seriously and published an article about their new ban.

The news has also arrived in Plymouth University: “They sort of feel a bit offended that we’ve done it. They said is going to ruin our working relationship but I said it shouldn’t (…) It’s just what student unions do,” said Mr. McGill.


One thought on “Bitty orange juice is NOT being banned in Marjon

  1. Hoy en dia con tanto exceso de información fidedigna y falsa, es dificil distinguir de cual de ellas se trata. Debido principalmente a las prisas que nos envuelven,quizas sea mas acertado solo barajar datos ciertos y contratados si queremos acertar en nuestra misión. Igual es mejor solo bromear si estamos en la sección de bromas. Es mi humilde oponión. Esther Soriano. Betera, Valencia, España.

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