Live News Day nº2 – Jammie Dodgers

Mid afternoon, parents picking up their children from school  and listening to the radio together in their way home. That is the audience we were targetting. Abby and Jasmine presenting, Shannon reading the news and Amy and me in the producing table (I was actually just looking and learning). No scrips, no pressure.

The show started with Shannon reading the news she had gathered  that morning. From her onto the presenters, the show started with lots of energy. As the show went on, we played a mixture of packages orientated for very young children , others for older children and  even some for the parents. I think it would have been fine if we had introduce them saying something like “and now, for the parents listening” or “Little ones, pay attention, this is specially for you”. However, the way we just played different packages for different audience, expecting the public to know who was it for, seemed a bit messy.

Something I really liked about the show is the natural conversation between the presenters and their cheering actitud.

Production didn’t do bad either, the packages played when they were mean to, although they were not at the exact same volume level than the presenters. This is because when the presenters finish talking, we mute the mics, the packages play and we relax and take the headphones off. That is very bad habit that we have to get ride off.

As a group; for next time, we should make sure we set an specific audience so the show sounds like a whole and also whoever is producing should keep the headphones on all the time to make sure everything sounds nice and equal.

Individually, I fail at balancing my package. As I interviewed a little girl about Valentine’s Day I should have also interviewed a little boy about it, to see the contrast between them. This apply for everything, so next time I will try to get some quotes from both sides of the story.




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