Live News Day nº3 – The 1 o’clock News

Definitely better than a dentist. Still quite a pain.

Gathering the news and getting a piece of audio was the most difficult part for me. Selecting the five most relevant stories is not an easy task as many things happen on a day. Having an specific audience would have helped but when I have to choose the audience my self I always finish by addressing the “general public”, if there is even such a thing.

Once I had my selection, going into the studio and reading it wasn’t so difficult. I was not as nervous as I’ve been in previous times and that helped me to read the words more clearly. Still, I probably read it too fast and I did trip over a few words. At the end of the day, English is not my first language and pronunciation is still one of my weaknesses.

To improve for next Live News Day, I need to dedicate some time to read out loud and also to listen to the radio to get use to the tone of voice that the news require.

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