Live news feed – The big failure

Theresa May has triggered article 50, we have to contact people affected and panicking to gather their opinions. The only issue, she hasn’t.

Letting that aside, my idea was to examine how Brexit is going to affect international students from the EU studying in England. As it is my personal situation I thought i could do a good job with that. However, someone else claimed that topic before me so I ended up in charge of ‘how is Brexit going to affect tourism in Plymouth’, which I do found interesting, but at the same time, harder to get an expert to talk about it with me.

An other issue that made it difficult is that we had to find, written or record the information and share it, all within the day, 10am to 4pm, six hours in total.

I tried to contact the Tourism Information Centre, several hotels and even guest houses in Plymouth and none of them were up to to give me an appropriated quote. I also tried to get information from the internet: tweets, statistics, experts predictions… and I did not find a single useful thing that could be news worthy.

I felt really disappointed. I did not know what else could I do to save the situation. Publishing nothing after hours of work felt like the biggest failure of the course.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know what could I have done that day to succeed. Hopefully, in the future, I will have more contacts that I can rely on when needing a quote.


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