Varsity’s big Wednesday LIVE !

Nothing was planned, almost everyone turned up late or to the wrong meeting place, mics wouldn’t work.. and still we ”absolutely bossed”.

If last week was the ”Big failure” this week was the ”Big success”. We were all over the media: Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, Instagram.. Everyone had its job clear in mind and was up to do it just right.

I assumed the role of ‘field reporter’, in charge, at first, of the women lacrosse game with Chris. We reported a brief half time update, and a then a full time one, including an interview with the vice-captain of the Marjon’s team.

I also managed to recruit a couple of guests for the Live Facebook program and performed as one my self to give my thoughts on the lacrosse game.

At the end, I got some footage from the football match which I had to quickly edit with iMovie to share it on time before the last Live Facebook Program. Thankfully me and Shannon had learnt to use it in the past.

Overall and particularly I think it was an excellent day when we all worked together proving to constitute a great team.

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