Viral video- Varsity promo

A viral video, unlike what I thought, is an engaging video that hides a message which is only revealed at the very end, or never. In this occasion, ‘Come to Varsity’ was the message we were meant to hide.

The team was formed by Amy, Shannon and me. We thought about recording our selves playing every sport that is in Varsity, but doing it in a ‘pathetic and funny’ way. Being realistic, we realized we had no basket ball, no hockey sticks, no volleyball net… so we decided to change the idea slightly.

The video was then composed by a serie of shots of us playing some of the sports in Varsity, with badminton rackets and shuttlecocks. The point was, there is no badminton in Varsity.

I believe we managed to make it funny and suitable for a ‘viral video’ as is not until the end of it that we reveal the hashtag “MarjonSportsThing.

As Sarah McAdam pointed out we could have explained better the point ‘Badminton is not in Varsity’, for example getting someone to tell us off and send us out the peach when we finally play actual badminton at the very end.

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