Live Radio News Day with extra feedbackers

Today we were meant to do 3 radio news bulletins, five minutes long the first and last one and eight minutes for the middle one.

This time the team was Ziggy, Chris and me which I think, at the end, it worked pretty well.

The first bulletin caught us almost by surprise. We didn’t have enough time to prepare every story we had planed to include neither to prepare the pieces of audio we wanted to add to some of the stories. We didn’t even write a script to link the stories which i (presenter) didn’t have the time to read through before going live.

You can imagine by now how much of a disaster our first bulletin sounded like. I tried to read slowly as I was told on my voice workshop but as I started getting more and more nervous and tripping over the words my brain forgot about everything I learnt and made me rush to finish as soon as possible.

After receiving some feedback from that and talking through some changes for the next one I already felt much better about the day. The most difficult part was done.

The second bulletin went better. We added the stories we hadn’t have the time to prepare for the first one and we also added some audio to give more colour to the show.

Although, it wasn’t perfect yet. Some of the stories weren’t attractive enough and others were not told on the best way.

The last bulletin went better. We had some extra time to get ready so Chris and I went out to speak with people about the new pound coin, which was one of our weaker stories. We interviewed someone who had actually found a couple of them and who was quite excited about it. That gave more colour to our story for the last round.

As all the news stories and audio were ready, Ziggy could take the time to prepare a proper script which made the show sound ten times better.

In this last bulletin I was the producer so I was glad I made it to press the right bottoms at the right time.

Over all, I think the day went great, we got to experience the stress of an actual news room and It was really useful to have two experienced journalist giving us some extra feedback.

What I think I could have done better is definitely my presenting. I have to relax and think about the meaning of what I’m reading rather than about how nervous I am and how bad I sound . Also, I could have make a bigger effort and call for quotes rather than just getting them by email as a radio show sounds much better with recorded quotes.

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