South-West news show

Similar to last Wednesday, today we had to do three five minutes bulletins in groups of three, focusing this time on the news in the South West.

We were four in our team, Alex, Connor, Rob and me. We all agreed on challenging  the rule of ” just south west news” as some national stories on the day were absurd to ignore, as the gas attack in Syria. Also, we thought that a local news radio show should  inform people on the most relevant national stories as well.

During the day we focused on updating, adding and removing stories not only to improve the quality of the show but also to keep it fresh and relevant.

We also managed to get some pre-recorded audio and also some original which shaped a more vivid show.

Personally, I felt more confident when gathering material and making phone calls, presenting wasn’t as hard as last week either.

To improve for next time,as a presenter, again, I still need to relax and read more clearly and as a producer I have to check the audio I’ve been given before playing it live to avoid confusions as the one today. When collecting audio, I have to be more persistent and keep trying until getting what I need or the time is up.