Very Last News Day!

Abby, Jazmine and me to prepare, present and produce 3 live news shows, 5 min each.

We got on with the work from the first minute. Abby stayed to gather the latest as me and Jazmine went out there to get some original audio.

Unfortunately, for the first show we weren’t able to use all the audio we had gathered and the presenting beat was not ‘young’ enough.

For the second one, we prepared a much more relaxed script trying to address  the youngest audience and we also include some extra audio to keep the audience awake.

Finally, for the 3rd one we included the fresh interview with Giselle Ansley to fill up the 30 seconds gap we had on the second show.

It was a very active and fast passed day. I  enjoyed it and felt a great general improvement since the very first News Day in January.

Personally, I feel much more confident when preparing the show and also a bit more relaxed when reading the news. I still have to work on reading slower and editing faster.