Live News Day nº1 – Men’s hour !

A show for men, from women. We had Shannon as the producer, Hannah as a guest  and Abby and me presenting the show.

We would say that the bulletin went fine, music faded out and after a little silence each one of us said our sentence. During the show, though, quite a few little mistakes and an obvious lack of practice ruined its professional appearance. We started with Abby’s topic and we both commented through the men’s opinions she had gathered. The first problem came when she got lost as she turned the page in the wrong order. Neither of us knew what to say or how to save the situation. After a few seconds she closed the conversation and I started presenting the next package, too confused to say the words right. Next, we heart something that is not the package we had presented, but Shannon managed to arrange it. Once Hanna’s package had ended and I was ready to crack on with the next intro, some music played by mistake, we hadn’t realized the automatic play was on. I apologized about the mistake and got on with the next story. From this point to the end, the show sounded much smoother and there were no more major mistakes. We finished with a great song and Abby and Shannon joined the singer for a bit of fun.

In my opinion, we could have done much better if we had had some practice before going live, especially reading through the printed scripts, being able to put them in order as well as playing the packages in the radio studio to check the volume levels and so on. Also, personally, I need to get used to put the scripts on the side and be able to express my self improvising. That would be quite helpful in a situation such as that one with Abby. Although, I think that for the amount of time we had to prepare the show  it didn’t really go so bad. To improve, next Live News Day we won’t prepare any scripts to read from. We will just write a few notes to know the order so we will have to improvise the rest of the show. This way the conversation will sound more natural and there will be no sudden gaps in the speech when someone gets lost in the scripts.