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Evening all,

So, this Friday just gone was the first session I’ve used my new notebook and coloured pens (as mentioned previously before I wanted new ones as my last notes had got quite sloppy). The weirdest thing but by making more of an effort to keep my notes neat and using coloured pens has made all the difference for me. My work is neater and much clearer and easier to go back to when I have needed.

I have found that mind mapping has helped a lot also. Now just finished doing my research for the critical incident assessment. Following on from my previous post about Greetham (2001) and his ideas I have found my preparation much better. I first made a note of all the books that might be of interest (just Googled this) then each day just read chapters or snippets of what was most appropriate for what I wanted to understand, again using Google Books is also one of my favourite tools. I have only written an introduction and conclusion so far, however, for once I feel much more prepared for the filling of my ‘sandwich’ essay.

However, I am aware now I need to think more about the ‘Blue day’ assessments we have. As you are probably aware, we got results on Friday for our personal development plan. My results were alright, not too bad, however I know I could of done better, and I only have myself to blame, see, come the end I really, really struggled to either know what to say or, just to talk about myself in general. That kind of work makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I do appreciative that in order to improve we have to tackle these problems, the answer does not lie within in my ‘happy place’ of eating Lidl’s own brand cheese puffs though I do highly recommend them!!

So, as I type this now, I am wiping away the cheesy crumbs from my hands and folding the packet over for another day. My research now will stem into the works of Rose (2011).

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Cheese Puffs

  1. I love a Lidl’s cheesy puff!!
    I too was a little disappointed in the last result as although I had done ok, like you said I could have done better. I agree, critising yourself or evaluating yourself is not comfortable and something I too find quite tricky. In the critical incident essay, I have made myself sound like a bit of a tyrant! this I find hard to read and I wrote it ha!
    Glad to hear that the new pens are working, I too use coloured pens well mainly pink and blue! but it works for me. I need to keep working on the amount of pages of notes I take! I end up with more than I have read I swear!!
    I am now off to dream about cheese puffs, as I have embarked on a new healthy eating plan and unfortunately they do not feature!

    • I may have to infest in some cheese puffs! I love crisps but seem to struggle to stop once i start munching. Criticising yourself and reflecting on your work is all new to us and we can only ever do the best we can. I was pleased with my marks but seem to struggle with the critical incident assignment so have been dragging my mentor in to help me ( she only just got back from Canada 5 hours ago!) but seems happy to help. Mind mapping really worked for me and I felt that is enabled me to get a broader idea of what I was writing about. I also use google books and love it! I use it for everything although you only get previews 90% of what is shown is everything you need and find the highlighting tool very helpful.

      Good luck on finishing the rest of you assignment!

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