Half term = Illness

Good morning Edubloggers (sniff)

Well here is a well earned break and a not so welcome cold! I aim to keep this blog short due to feeling absolute rubbish but thought it might be useful to give any of you tips on managing illnesses when there is an assignment looming.

I am armed with Day and Night cold and flu tablets along with Otrivine for the congestion and a barrel load of balmed tissues. I have also visited a little website for additional tips which I will paste below for you. If anyone has a further tips on how to manage and function normally please don’t hesitate to pass it on, particularly any overnight remedies and those that don’t suggest rest.(There’s no time for rest in this game).



Signing off for hot lemon.

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  1. scowling says:

    Oh god that sounds dreadful. I hate getting ill because I struggle functioning on a normal day! I like to grate a little ginger in my hot lemon which is quite often used in cold and flu remedies and don’t forget the honey to sooth a sore throat. Also have as many relaxing baths as you can (Good excuse!!) Other than that, unfortunately, we just have to soldier on through it which is not easy but make sure you take it easy where possible!
    Take care and feel better soon xx

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