Must manage priorities!

Dear Bloggers, So here I am at the end of half term and, tail end of the dreaded cold I’ve had to keep me company. I have tried hard to get cracking with my ‘Critical Incident’ alas feeling under the weather doesn’t help! Hey ho I am female and Superwoman so I’ll pick myself up, […]

Half term = Illness

Good morning Edubloggers (sniff) Well here is a well earned break and a not so welcome cold! I aim to keep this blog short due to feeling absolute rubbish but thought it might be useful to give any of you tips on managing illnesses when there is an assignment looming. I am armed with Day […]

And breathe!

Hello Edubloggers, Happy half term to you all! Having had an overwhelming week, where, I have been a midwives assistant, teacher of Chemistry and behaviour among many other things, I’m now feeling there is no end to my talents and I’m ending the week on a high positive! Hearing the results for my development plan […]

Stop the world I want to get off.

Dear Edubloggers It has only been a few days since my last blog. I am struggling to balance all my life events and evidently still need practise at saying NO! (Oh dear this is becoming a Bridget Jones diary entry!) All the best made plans of timetabling some reading and drafting my critical incident went flying […]

Here we go, here we go, here we go!

Howdy bloggers, So here I go attempting my first blog! Friday, when we were last in lectures was not easy, after battling to get in on time and discovering one of the assignments for our Policy and Practice module has a mountainous 3500 words, just as I think I can do this someone moves the […]


Help, I am losing the will to live. I need coffee and chocolate cake. I need a holiday in the sun. have some meditation time!