Academic Development Programme

As part of the Marjon Academic Development Programme, the MeLT team will be providing resources and sessions to support the TEL areas.

It is important to stress that the team are always available for support and development across the institution, but these are aimed at providing recognition that the subject has been covered.

Using the latest software and techniques, the online RLOs (reusable learning objects) will be available to complete at the leisure of the academic.  Sessions and workshops will be arranged at times that are more convenient for teaching staff to attend.

The MeLT areas currently planned for ADP are:

Title Sub area Type
Clevertouch NA Session
Replay (panopto) NA RLO
Turnitin Submission


TEL Tools NA Session
Moodle Forums




Video embedding

Layout and topic boxes

RLO – Workshops
Google Apps Google docs

Google Sheets

Google forms

Google drive

Hangouts (possible)


Marjon eTrumps

layout01_04Finding the right or new tools for study, revision, presenting or teaching can be like searching for a needle in a giant… stack of needles!

As part of an initiative to communicate new tools and showcase good practice, a project has begun to provide a one stop shop to compare, search and learn about different learning technologies.  The project is aimed at all types of users at Marjon.


Based on the ‘Top Trumps’ card game, eTools will be compared, searched and rated by users within an online web interface.  It will be designed to work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

As more tools are added by the MeLT team, we will ask users of different roles (students, professional services, academics) to recommend what they have found and give any examples of good use.

The project is currently in testing phase and as we get closer to a launch, we will post more details.


TEL Talks and the TEL Forum

The MeLT team will begin sessions called TEL talks.

TEL (technology enhanced learning) Talks are aimed at getting the opinions of students in a forum that is relaxed and free from any formal meeting structure.  We will pose some questions, but the floor is given to the attending students.

Understanding the value of learning technology from a student’s perspective is vital in planning, developing and innovating TEL at Marjon.

We will announce a date for the first meeting  soon.  Working with Helen Heywood (Academic Skills), the MeLT team want to engage with student users and move TEL forward.

logo1The TELForum is being set up with Zac Gribble, Ben Jane and Tim Sayer for university staff to learn, showcase and discuss tools within a pedagogical context.

It’s an exciting time!

Clevertouch Screens

Some teaching spaces have now been equipped with the ‘Clevertouch’ screens to work either alongside or replacing projectors.

These screens can be used in the same way as the projectors using the lectern laptops to manage the content. They can also be used to interact with the content.

Please view the POV video below to see the basic functions of the screens. We are keeping the videos as raw as possible to give the most true to use example.

You will find more videos and a list of rooms with the clevertouch screens installed at


Welcome to the new DIT EduBlog!

Hello and welcome to the new Marjon DIT Team Blog

We have created this blog using the Edublog platform.  This platform is available to all staff and students at Marjon.  Want to know more? Email us and arrange a chat!

This blog is aimed at showcasing TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) across the institution.  We also want to share news of projects and new tools that we think could benefit the Marjon experience.

The team are:

Also in the DIT office is Tony Atkin ( who is the VLE and software administrator.