The new Marjon TEL Help Area

The team have been working on a new TEL Help Page to make it easier for staff and students to access information and support materials about the technology and software used at Marjon.

This new help area provides an easily navigated and searchable collection of support materials on a range of technologies, and for those of you that prefer to see how something is done, there is also a short video at the end of each page. This area will be continually added to and updated. We have really enjoyed working on this new page and envisage it becoming a go to place for your TEL (technology enhanced learning) related queries.

The TEL Help page has been created using Edublogs. If you are interested in knowing more or have any other TEL related questions not featured on the page then please get in touch.

new help page


Visual Updates to Learning Space

You may have noticed some visual changes to Learning Space.  In particular to the homepage. With 41,590 page views on the Homepage, in just the last 30 days, LS is clearly a huge tool to our students.

We have been looking at ways to develop the user experience on Learning Space.  The initial steps were to fix styling bugs that were causing some conflictions between headings and title boxes.  These were more obvious on smaller device screens and older browsers.

The later developments have been to replace the quick link buttons and soften the background texture.  This hopefully adds more colour to the homepage and makes the text more readable throughout the system.


We have applied more attention to detail by adding drop shadows to all the boxes within the layout.

While all of these changes may seem small details, the overall outcome should provide a fresh feel to all LS pages.

With these updates, adding video and images to module pages will enhance the pages greatly.  If you would like any help with this, please contact the MeLT team –

We are constantly reviewing the visual and usability side to our VLE.  If you have any feedback on the new updates, please contact Zac Gribble –