Mahara Upgrade – Some great new features

Mahara, our on-line ePortfolio, journal, weblog and résumé building system, has recently been upgraded and has some great new features.

File space warnings

Mahara now sends an email to administrators when a students file space is nearly full.  In most cases this should allow us to take action to increase the student’s file space before it becomes a problem for them.

Resizing uploaded images

Uploaded images are automatically resized to smaller ‘screen friendly’ sizes.  Students can disable this for individual uploads if necessary.

Mobile uploads

Students can install an app on their iOS or Android devices which will allow easy and quick upload of photos or other files directly from their phone or tablet to Mahara, in the same way as they might upload them to any other on-line service.  Students can later organise the new uploads and add them to their journal or portfolio if required.

Looks prettier

New themes are available. Students can choose from a range of different themes for their portfolio.

Submission of Mahara portfolios to Moodle assignments 

The integration between Moodle and Mahara allows for the setting up of an assignment on a module page in LearningSpace which accepts a Mahara portfolio as the submission.  When students go to the submission page on LearningSpace they see a list of their Mahara portfolios and collections. They just have to select the page they want to submit.  Once submitted the page is then locked for editing in Mahara until it has been marked and the marks released back to students.  Marking tutors automatically have access to the submitted portfolio page via a link from the Moodle assignment. Tutors can insert comments into individual elements of the submission in Mahara and into the feedback area of the Moodle assignment.  Marks are applied directly to the Moodle assignment where they are made available to students on release.

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