TEL Tools video #2 – Panopto Webcast Feature

With so many TEL (technology enhanced learning) tools out there, it can be difficult to choose the one that will be the most suitable for what you need and there are also lots of features within a tool that you might not know about.  To support you with this, the MeLT team are working on a series of short TEL Tools videos to showcase a range of tools and features. The aim of each video is to show you in a nutshell what the tool/feature does and how to use it.

The TEL Tools video below looks at the Panopto webcast feature. It takes you through the steps needed to set this up and also shows the tools available to those who access the session.

For more information about Panopto tools and features visit the Marjon TEL Help

Or contact the team: Email: | Ext. 5673

The new Marjon TEL Help Area

The team have been working on a new TEL Help Page to make it easier for staff and students to access information and support materials about the technology and software used at Marjon.

This new help area provides an easily navigated and searchable collection of support materials on a range of technologies, and for those of you that prefer to see how something is done, there is also a short video at the end of each page. This area will be continually added to and updated. We have really enjoyed working on this new page and envisage it becoming a go to place for your TEL (technology enhanced learning) related queries.

The TEL Help page has been created using Edublogs. If you are interested in knowing more or have any other TEL related questions not featured on the page then please get in touch.

new help page


Webcasting with Panopto

The MELT team spent sometime yesterday investigating the use of Panopto to live stream sessions, including conferences and special lectures, allowing people to view the presentation, audio and video via a web link.

Working with Steve Disney we have scheduled a special lecture to be recorded and livecast simultaneously using the standard Panopto software installed throughout campus. This is a great option if you need to reach an audience beyond Marjon, staff and students, and outside of scheduled lectures. The team have enjoyed testing and exploring the webcast feature of Panopto and discovering how it can be used to engage with wider audiences and further enhance teaching and learning.

If you would like to know more about using Panopto for ad hoc sessions or any other TEL tool please contact the team at | Ext. 5673 | Room 108.

Meet the MeLT Team – Helen

The team have taken a bit of time over the last few weeks to create some Meet the team videos for this blog. This is also a great opportunity to introduce myself to anyone who hasn’t met me yet as I joined the e-Learning team in January 2016.

As a new member of the team it has been great getting to work with other members of staff and seeing what tools and equipment is available at the University, for staff and students, to create their own engaging content such as videos.