Finishing ADP online resources

The MeLT team are finishing off the final elements for ADP resources.

As part of the Academic Development Programme, the MeLT team are developing online resources for Panopto Content Capture, Turnitin and Learning Space.  These resources will be placed on Learning Space and made available for staff to view.


The resources have been developed using the Storyline Articulate 2 package.  If you can see a use for resources like this in your teaching, please contact

We have also filmed elements of the resources.  We have found that adding video to learning resources offers a rich media experience and adds a great deal of value and a personal touch to TEL (technology enhanced learning).



Academic Development Programme

As part of the Marjon Academic Development Programme, the MeLT team will be providing resources and sessions to support the TEL areas.

It is important to stress that the team are always available for support and development across the institution, but these are aimed at providing recognition that the subject has been covered.

Using the latest software and techniques, the online RLOs (reusable learning objects) will be available to complete at the leisure of the academic.  Sessions and workshops will be arranged at times that are more convenient for teaching staff to attend.

The MeLT areas currently planned for ADP are:

Title Sub area Type
Clevertouch NA Session
Replay (panopto) NA RLO
Turnitin Submission


TEL Tools NA Session
Moodle Forums




Video embedding

Layout and topic boxes

RLO – Workshops
Google Apps Google docs

Google Sheets

Google forms

Google drive

Hangouts (possible)