Marjon eTrumps

layout01_04Finding the right or new tools for study, revision, presenting or teaching can be like searching for a needle in a giant… stack of needles!

As part of an initiative to communicate new tools and showcase good practice, a project has begun to provide a one stop shop to compare, search and learn about different learning technologies.  The project is aimed at all types of users at Marjon.


Based on the ‘Top Trumps’ card game, eTools will be compared, searched and rated by users within an online web interface.  It will be designed to work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

As more tools are added by the MeLT team, we will ask users of different roles (students, professional services, academics) to recommend what they have found and give any examples of good use.

The project is currently in testing phase and as we get closer to a launch, we will post more details.