Google Slides Real Time Questioning

Google’s answer to powerpoint, ‘Slides’ has been upgraded today with an app that allows students to send questions in real time to the presenter.

It looks like a nice feature that allows the audience to post questions via the app.  Other audience members can vote the questions up if they want to hear the answer too.  Anonymous questioning is  possible.

Google Slides Q&A update

Google Slides Q&A – Image from Google Docs Blog –


Google released this video which shows the system in action.

There is also a red dot function that acts like a laser pen when presenting from a computer.

Read more about the app release here:

The ‘Slides’ application is part of the Google Apps for Education.  These apps are available to all Marjon Staff.  Please contact Zac Gribble ( if you would like to know more.



Finishing ADP online resources

The MeLT team are finishing off the final elements for ADP resources.

As part of the Academic Development Programme, the MeLT team are developing online resources for Panopto Content Capture, Turnitin and Learning Space.  These resources will be placed on Learning Space and made available for staff to view.


The resources have been developed using the Storyline Articulate 2 package.  If you can see a use for resources like this in your teaching, please contact

We have also filmed elements of the resources.  We have found that adding video to learning resources offers a rich media experience and adds a great deal of value and a personal touch to TEL (technology enhanced learning).



Marjon eTrumps

layout01_04Finding the right or new tools for study, revision, presenting or teaching can be like searching for a needle in a giant… stack of needles!

As part of an initiative to communicate new tools and showcase good practice, a project has begun to provide a one stop shop to compare, search and learn about different learning technologies.  The project is aimed at all types of users at Marjon.


Based on the ‘Top Trumps’ card game, eTools will be compared, searched and rated by users within an online web interface.  It will be designed to work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

As more tools are added by the MeLT team, we will ask users of different roles (students, professional services, academics) to recommend what they have found and give any examples of good use.

The project is currently in testing phase and as we get closer to a launch, we will post more details.


TEL Talks and the TEL Forum

The MeLT team will begin sessions called TEL talks.

TEL (technology enhanced learning) Talks are aimed at getting the opinions of students in a forum that is relaxed and free from any formal meeting structure.  We will pose some questions, but the floor is given to the attending students.

Understanding the value of learning technology from a student’s perspective is vital in planning, developing and innovating TEL at Marjon.

We will announce a date for the first meeting  soon.  Working with Helen Heywood (Academic Skills), the MeLT team want to engage with student users and move TEL forward.

logo1The TELForum is being set up with Zac Gribble, Ben Jane and Tim Sayer for university staff to learn, showcase and discuss tools within a pedagogical context.

It’s an exciting time!