LearningSpace: How to copy an activity or resource

There might be occasions when you need to add an activity or resource that is almost identical to one you have already created.  For example, you may have used a Label to create a subheading and need to add more subheadings using the same font, size, colour etc. Rather than create each label separately, you can duplicate the one you have already created.

The example below shows how a label used for a subheading is duplicated

  • Turn editing on and scroll to the activity/resource you want to copy
  • Click Edit Edit button
  • Select the ‘Duplicate’ option

Edit settings

  • You should now see 2 identical labels on your LS page


  • Click Edit next to the label you want to rename and then select Edit settings
  • Delete the existing name and type in the name of the new subheading (Teaching Standards in this example)

Example label

  • Then click the red ‘Save and return to course’ button
  • The final step now is to left click the ‘cross’ icon immediately in front of your label and holding down your left mouse button, drag the label to the section and position you want it to be displayed
  • Release your left mouse click when you have the label in the position you want

Watch the video below to see this in action!

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Helen Baker

Senior eLearning Technologist

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