Replay/Panopto: How to record with Panopto

Once you have installed Panopto, click the Panopto icon on your desktop (or by clicking the start menu)

Click the ‘Sign in with LearningSpace’ button

Then enter your Marjon username and password and click ‘Login’


Once logged in you will be automatically taken to the Panopto recording screen

Click on the ‘folder’ icon to select where to save your recording

You will see a list of folder names for each of your LS modules that are set up for use with Panopto

Select a folder

Hover over your chosen module and then click on the ‘Add New Session’ button;


Next, give your recording a sensible name (students will see this);

Check that you have a microphone or headset plugged in and that it is working – you can loan either of these from Computing & Media Services if you don’t already have one. Even if you only wish to record the screen on your computer you will still need a microphone or webcam plugged in for the recording to work. You will see if your microphone is working if you see the sound bar moving;

Toggle the volume slider so it sits within the green range;

Then click the to confirm your changes. Double check what sources have been set up to record

If you are presenting a PowerPoint then make sure this is ticked, If you will also be showing areas of your screen (e.g. navigating to websites, software demonstrations) then be sure to tick the ‘capture primary screen’;


Now minimise Panopto and prepare for your screencast by opening up all the files and pages you require for your presentation;

Once you have your content open and are ready to record, maximise Panopto and check you see your content inside the Panopto preview window;

You are now ready to record – press the red RECORD button at the top of the screen;

The record button will have been replaced by STOP and PAUSE buttons;


There are also keyboard shortcuts for controlling a recording;

F buttons

Jump to your content and begin! Depending on your settings Panopto will capture on-screen content, as well as your voice (and even video if using a webcam). Click the pause button if you need to take a break. When you have finished your presentation, navigate back to Panopto and click the STOP button;

You should see a prompt for you to upload your recording. Once it’s uploaded it’s safe to log-off/shut down

Without finishing the upload the recording will be deleted if you logoff on a frozen machine. You will be able to see the progress of your upload by looking at the green and yellow bars;

Once complete you will see the ‘Delete Local’ & ‘Set Offline’ buttons. When you see these it is safe to close Panopto;

Watch the video below to see this in action


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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