Replay/Panopto – How to include a video of the presenter

Including a video of the presenter

The picture in picture feature of Panopto allows you to show a video of yourself alongside the audio and presentation or whatever you’re showing on the desktop of your computer.  This feature can be used when recording an adhoc session using the Panopto desktop recorder. This tutorial takes you through the steps required to set up a picture in picture recording.

Setting up your recording

  1. Make sure a webcam is connected to your computer
  2. Launch the Panopto desktop recorder and login via LearningSpace
  3. Session folder –  click the folder icon and select a folder to store your recorded session
  1. Session name – enter a name for your session
  2. Primary sources: Video – select your webcam, Audio – select Desktop microphone, Quality – select High
  3. Secondary Sources – select Capture PowerPoint or Main Screen

new recording.fw

  1. Click the ‘open a presentation’ button and navigate to your presentation
  2. When you are ready to begin recording, click ‘Yes’ to begin recording after PowerPoint opens
  3. To end the recording, press F10 on your keyboard, then click ‘Upload’
  4. Click ‘Manage My Recordings’ to access your uploaded session

manage my recordings.fw

Viewing options

  1. Click the session title to play the video.
  2. The online view of the captured session will display your video to the left of the presentation. This is how students will view the session if accessed via the REPLAY block on your LS module page

default video.fw

Picture in Picture

You can also download the captured session as an MP4 file. The default setting for this will display your video in the bottom right hand corner of the captured presentation.  To do this:

  1. Launch the desktop Panopto recorder and click ‘Manage my recordings’
  2. Locate your captured session and click ‘Settings’


  1. Click ‘Outputs’


  1. In the Video Podcast section, select how you want the captured session to display. The default for this is Picture in Picture, but other options are available (including side by side) and can be selected by clicking the ‘Type’ down arrow
  2. Quality – Select  HD – 1080p
  3. Click Apply to save the settings you have selected. (This will take a few minutes to process)
  4. Once the changes have been applied, click ‘Download Podcast’
  5. The file will then be downloaded as a stand alone MP4 video file

Example Picture in Picture Podcast





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