LearningSpace: Adding staff to a study module

Information for Module Leaders

LearningSpace does not allow tutors or module leaders to add or remove students. Student enrolments on modules are controlled­ via a data link to the Universities enrolment records. It does, however, allow module leaders to manage other staff on their course modules.

People designated as Module Leaders on LearningSpace course modules have the ability to add or remove other staff from their courses. LearningSpace assigns a single module leader to a course based on information from University records recorded by Faculties at http://information/ls_config. That module leader can add other staff to the course. Normally they would use one of two roles.

Can do everything a module leader can do with a course except to add or remove other staff. This is the appropriate role for academic staff who are delivering a part of the module teaching.

Non-editing Tutor
This role does not allow editing of content within the module but it does allow the role-holder to mark and review assignments.  This is the appropriate role to give to external examiners and external tutors who are employed only to assist in marking assignments.

Other roles which may exist in the module
You do not need to manage these roles yourself but as the module leader you need to know why certain other people have access to your module in the VLE

Module Administrator
Faculty administration staff have the ability to designate themselves as module administrator in module which they access frequently. The module administrator role gives the administrator all the same rights as the module leader.

Non-Medical Helper
The name of the role is self-explanatory. This role gives the holder read-only access to module activities and resources. This role does not give access to assignments. Non-medical helpers are added to modules by the LearningSpace administrator and are asked to unenrol themselves when they are no longer supporting any student on the module.

Adding or removing other staff members

Navigate to the module page in LearningSpace

Under the Administration box select Users > Enrolled users.


Select the Enrolled users options to bring up a list of users enrolled on the course.

Select the ‘Enrol users’ button at the top right of the screen.


This brings up the enrolment box shown below.  The first thing you need to do is to select the role you want to assign from the top of the box.  The most common mistake people make is to forget to select a role, resulting in the new user just having guest access and not being able to add resources or mark assignments.

When you have set the role, type the name or part of the name of the person you want to enrol and click the Search button.  This will give you a list of names which match the search.  If the person you need is in the list (check that the email address is correct) then click the ‘Enrol’ button against the name.


If you need to enrol more than one person you can just do another search.

When you have finished, select Finish Enrolling users.

Managing enrollments

You can manage enrolled users by returning to the Enrolled Users list. From this list you are able to remove users from the course by selecting the cross next to their enrollment information.



You are also able to remove specific roles from enrolled users by using the cross next to the name of their role.

You can assign roles to users from this screen by clicking on the ‘Assign roles’ icon shown below and selecting the role from the pop up box.




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Helen Baker

Senior eLearning Technologist

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