REPLAY (Panopto) – Creating an assignment folder for student video uploads and desktop app use

REPLAY (Panopto) allows you to create assignment folders for students enrolled on your module to use. If students have filmed using a video camera or mobile device, they can upload their videos directly into the folder or if they opt to use the Panopto desktop app to capture their delivery of a presentation, they can select the module assignment folder for their captured session to be stored in. Tutors can then access both videos and captured presentations directly from the folder.  Default settings allow students to access only their own upload or captured session, but if tutors want students to see other student work there is a setting that can be selected to allow this.

Watch the screencast to see how …


This guide will take you through the steps needed to create a module assignment folder (guidance for students can be accessed here)

Creating a module assignment folder

  1. Go to:
  2. Locate the module folder that you want to create the assignment folder in and click to open it
  3. Click the cog icon to open settings (top right)
  4. Click ‘Create Assignment Folder’
  5. Then click ‘X’ to close the Window
  6. Click the assignment folder to open it, then click the cog icon to open settings
  7. Click ‘Edit’ to change the name of the folder (default name will be the module name with ‘assessment’ appended). Enter the name and then click ‘Save’
  8. To allow students to see all videos and captured presentations, click into the folder that you created, click settings – settings and click to select ‘Allow viewers to see each others sessions’

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