Turnitin: Accessing & saving your graded assignment in Feedback Studio

Why save graded assignments?

At the end of each academic year you will be unenrolled from your current modules,so will no longer have access to Turnitin assignments you have submitted to. In order to have continued access to your graded assignments, you should download them once they have been released and are available to you. This short guide takes you through the steps required to access and save your graded assignments.

Accessing graded assignments

  1. Login to LearningSpace and go to your module page
  2. Click the Turnitin assignment to open the submission inbox

assignment icon.fw

  1. Click on the title of your submitted file to open it in the Turnitin document viewer
  2. Click on the Feedback bubble to activate the ‘Grading’ layer.

 Saving your graded assignment

  1. Click the download icon in the right side bar.

  1. Select ‘Current View’ option

  1. Open the downloaded PDF file

If using Chrome

  1. Click the print icon


  1. Check that ‘Save as PDF’is the selected destination. If it isn’t click the ‘Change…’ button and select ‘Save as PDF’


  1. Click the ‘Save’ button and navigate to the folder you want to save your assignment in

If using Internet Explorer

  1. Click File – Save as
  2. Click the ‘Choose different folder’ button and navigate to the folder you want to save to
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Helen Baker

Senior eLearning Technologist

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