How to use ClickView, creating Playlists

Playlists are like interactive folders, where you can contain clips that fit into certain categories.  It could be organised in any way, so by level or subject for example.

They are really useful for managing large numbers of clips in one place and they can be shared with students.

To setup a playlist, visit:

  • Click on ‘Create a Playlist’
  • Enter a name and hit ‘Create’

The playlist will appear and enable you to add clips to it.

To add a clip to a playlist, just select ‘Add to Playlist’ in the options of any searched video.  So for example if you want to save to a playlist from your dashboard, click ‘Options’ and ‘Add to Playlist’.

Add to Playlist

Just click on the relevant playlist in the pop-up box and it will automatically add it to your playlist.

Add to playlist

To explore any of the how to guides visit: What is ClickView

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Matt Ewens

eLearning Technologist at Plymouth Marjon University

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