How to use ClickView, the ClickView Cloud Editor

Video clips can be edited from the workspace, or via other areas such as through the 24/7 TV guide.  The Cloud Editor will enable clips to be easily created as well as the option to add and insert breaks.

This page also has an information link, which is useful for showing a guided tour of how to use the ClickView Cloud Editor, to access this, simply click on the ‘i’ icon.


To use the editor, edit a video from your workspace or via another area such as 24/7 TV guide.

The cloud editor will load up, as below:

Cloud editor
The above example relates to the help guide How to use ClickView, 24/7 – this shows footage of a subtitled video, with the keyword ‘Plymouth’.

To create a clip, simply drag the orange left and right handles to the part you wish to create a clip for.

If you want to cut certain points in the video, this can be achieved by inserting breaks.  To do this move the blue slider (click the left mouse button on the time and drag) to the point where you want a break and click on the ‘insert break’ button.  Then move the blue slider to the next point and repeat.  For example, if a break was inserted at the point above and then at 9:25:04:37 – this would create a chapter block from 9:13:01:38 – to 9:25:04:37.  Then for example, if you wanted to cut out from point 9:25:04:37 to 9:33:44:36, just repeat the insert break.

Insert breaks

To then delete any chapter (the areas selected by insert break), click on the top right-hand tab ‘Chapters’.  This will show all the sections you created and to delete any from the clip, just click on the ‘X’.  If you make a mistake, just click the ‘X’ again to restore the section in the clip.


The toolbar, will allow you to fast forward, rewind, play, pause, mute audio and disable captions.


There are also useful keyboard shortcuts, as shown below:


The summary elements can be edited, so the title of the clip, what rating it is and the description.

In the chapters tab, the chapters can also be renamed as required.

The final step is to save your changes and your edited clip will appear in your workspace.

Why not explore more about ClickView: How to use ClickView, The Exchange

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Matt Ewens

eLearning Technologist at Plymouth Marjon University

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