How to use ClickView, the Dashboard

When you first login to ClickView, you will be presented with the Dashboard.  This is where you can search for relevant content.  To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. First select the ‘subject’ you are interested in.
  2. Select Level, for example Key Stage 1 – then go through the other categories to filter content further as required.

If you wish, you can save or favourite the search by clicking on the star underneath the ‘saved searches’ area.  You can save up to five searches.

Favourite your search

Favourite your search

There is a further level of filtering, which will enable filtering by ‘No. of Outcomes, Production Year, Recently Added and Title A – Z’ as shown below:


To sort search results

Searched videos can be watched within the search, by clicking on ‘show video’ as shown below:

Show video

To show videos in the search

In addition, any searched video clip can be shared as well as further options such as add to a playlist or create an interactive video, as shown below:

Options in ClickView

Available options for searched video clips in the Dashboard

  • Selecting ‘Create an interactive video’ will open the interactive video editor, which will be covered in more detail via ‘How to create an interactive ClickView video‘.
  • Add to a playlist will enable video clips to be saved into a playlist for easy access, as shown below:
Add to a playlist

To add to a playlist

  •  Create a clip, will open the editing box and once the clip is created it can be shared and embedded.
To create a clip

To create a clip

  • Add curriculum link will allow curriculum links to be rated in terms of relevance, as well as the option to add new ones
Curriculum links

Curriculum links

  • Add to your Workspace will add the clip to your Workspace
  • Add to your library will add the clip to the Marjon library area (please note that this requires admin permission and currently has not been setup for use)
  • If you feel a clip is inappropriate in any way it can be flagged

Why not explore more about ClickView: How to use ClickView, the Workspace



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Matt Ewens

eLearning Technologist at Plymouth Marjon University

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