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LearningSpace module courses are static, which means that resources and activities remain in place at the end of the academic year, while new student cohorts are enrolled and old cohorts are removed. In order to ensure your module is ready for the new cohort, you can ‘reset’ the course to remove any participatory content (e.g. student discussions, forum posts, comments etc), while still keeping the actual activity. Resetting a course is something which can be done by the Module Leader but not by additional tutors and is something that needs to be carried out at the end of the academic year to prepare the course for the new cohort of students.

Resetting the Course

Login to LearningSpace and navigate to the module you want to reset
Click the cog icon (top right) and then click the Reset link

(If the Reset link is missing it means that you are not the Module Leader)

This will load the reset course form
Click the ‘Enable’ checkbox and then click the down arrows to set the course start date for the new academic year. Activity reports for the module will be shown from this date


Select the other check-boxes (delete events, notes, comments, completion data, blog associations and competency ratings) to indicate that you want to delete content

Other activities on your course page will be listed beneath this. Scroll down and click each to expand the section and click the delete check boxes – e.g.  Choices – remove all responses, Databases – delete all entries, Forums – delete all posts etc.) This will delete all data but keep the activity for new students to use.

Important Turnitin Information

Make sure that you click ‘Turnitin Assignments’ to expand the section (this will be listed with other activities on the reset page).
Then click the down arrow and select the ‘Leave Turnitin Assignments Untouched’ option


There are two things to bear in mind about resetting a course
• Nothing happens unless you specifically select relevant checkboxes
• Resources and activities are not deleted, only the data that they hold

Watch the screencast to see how to reset a course


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Helen Baker

Senior eLearning Technologist

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