Edublogs: Starter guide

If you are new to using Edublogs, you should follow the training materials in this guide to learn the basics of Edublogs.  If you would like to access the screencasts directly with captions, please click on the links below for each section (Downloadable Word documents containing all the guidance can be found in the resources section at the end of this page) Follow the below Sway presentation, this will teach you how to:

  1. Login & create an account
  2. Create a new blog site
  3. Work effectively
  4. Organse your My Sites area
  5. Join a class (if you are using Edublogs as part of your studies)
  6. Understand the difference between pages and posts
  7. Create pages
  8. Create posts
  9. Editing pages & posts: Add images, videos & upload files
  10. Change the template
  11. Configure your blog
  12. Customise your blog

Presentation including videos

expand presentation

Click on the icon below to expand the presentation for optimum viewing

To enable captions for embedded videos (or the above links)

Screenshot showing how to enable captions on a video

Click on the CC icon located bottom right-hand side of the Panopto video (same for YouTube)

Further Support

Contact the Digital Innovation Team, via Watch a short screencast to show further help

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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