500 Word article on tackling racism

Football “the beautiful game” the most watched sport around the world, you think after years of the game developing into what it is today has it come far. Over the course of this article I will be exploring how racism has played a major part in football and how it still plays a part today and how UEFA no to racism is trying to tackle the problem over tackle and the kick it out campaign trying to tackle racism in England.

Racism has played a major part in football ever since the football league was first founded in 1888 it wasn’t until late people of colour were finally able to enter the league, but you think after years of campaigns and   that racism was finally be eliminated but it still plagues the game loved by many. Over the past few years alone there has been multiple incidents such as Dani Alves getting a banana thrown at him or players in Russia getting rascally abusing every single game getting fans making monkey noise at players and just abusing players. But are UEFA finally starting to notice this? The say no campaign was founded in 2001 with a simple aim to eliminate racism and make football a game for everyone. UEFA has since put into place multiple steps into place to stop discrimination and have started to more action then every and finally tackling the problem as they are starting to issue more bans to fans caught abusing players and issuing clubs with more fines.

The kick it out campaign is a nationwide charity looking to eliminate all discrimination from football. founded in 1993 under the name of ‘let’s kick racism out of football’ at the time they were only a small charity looking to achieve one thing kicking racism out of football, it wasn’t until 1997 that the organisation started to widen their objectives to all aspects of discrimination. the core aims for the organisations are to Promote awareness of the benefits of equality, inclusion, diversity policies and practices in football. Expose and challenge all aspects of discrimination and unfair practices and conduct at all levels of football. Share information about good practices being pursued to achieve equality and fair outcomes. Support individuals, groups, clubs, and authorities to effect actions themselves to achieve equality and fair outcomes. Develop a wider awareness and acceptance of Kick It Out’s activities and its enabling and facilitating roles as a contributory force for good in football. The campaign is funded by many different organisations which include the FA, PFA, BPL and EFL.

Campaigns like the Say no to racism by UEFA and the kick it out has finally started to make an impact on the world of football but these campaigns can only do so much because racism is a mindset and is very hard to change a person if these campaigns were ti make more of a stand and try to eliminate racism the best they can need to get to people young and tell them that everyone is equal in life.

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