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Declaration of Placement Attendance and Formative/ Summative Assessment Form

These forms are not completed yet due to me only having done 8 hours of placement. The formative assessment form will be handed to my placement supervisor mid way through (25 hours) and the summative assessment form will be handed to her at the end of placement (50 hours).

I am aware that the ink is running low and therefore negatively effecting the presentation of the forms. I want my documents to look professional so will purchase more ink soon and re print the forms before they are needed. I have added a note to the form to show the reason that the summative assessment form is not evident, and can ensure that this will be printed in time for completion.

Placement Learning Agreement 2019/19


I have given my placement supervisor this form, she read through the form and filled in the details but forgot to sign and date it. I am aware of this and will ask her to complete this form fully when I have my next placement session. This is the only thing missing from this form, therefore once the signature and date is completed I will be able to upload the complete form to my blog. I feel organised and starting to feel on track with my placement. I will ensure that my organisation carries on throughout the placement to meet my true potential.


I have chosen to blank out the personal information of my placement supervisor for confidentiality reasons. I have shown this through using the editing section on my laptop, to draw over the personal details; this is why some sections are shown with lines through them.

The email I sent to secondary schools

This is a copy of the email I sent to the schools asking for an opportunity to carry out my placement here. I was confident with the email I sent as I spent time wording it correctly and making sure I had said the important information. I forward this email to four different schools, as well as a follow up email; however I did not get a response so rang up them individually.  Three of the responses were unsuccessful and one school did not get back to me at all. I felt disheartened with the response and it knocked my confidence.



My name is Faical Benaziza and I am a psychology undergraduate at Marjon University. I have 50 hours to complete for my placement module at university and I would appreciate the opportunity to complete this in your setting. I would be interested in shadowing pastoral care workers and also to get experience of working with and observing how the students learn and behave within the school. My passion is to work in an educational environment, learn new skills and gain practical experience. I can be flexible with my time.

Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.

Faical Benaziza

03/04/2019 – Day 2

Day 2,


Today was more about gaining information and knowledge about advocacy as a whole. I spent today discussing the benefits of the programme with the placement supervisor and I was happy to find out that the CEO of the company wanted to get involved with the project. The CEO along side my placement supervisor, can see the benefits of this project and hope to spread the idea to other universities. It was great to ask lots of questions about the company and to get to know what positive things they do and how I can get involved. We spoke about the potential opportunity for future work within the company, this was great and I feel like I have been able to make connections to potential employers.

Through discussing in detail today with my placement supervisor I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about advocacy. I learnt how to be professionally whilst holding conversations with a person of high authority. In addition, I learnt the importance of people’s voices and that you should not inflict your views on them; they should have the freedom to speak at all times.

This day has been great and very useful. I can now adapt my role throughout the placement to best fit the needs of the advocacy role, having learnt further information about this today. I am more aware of the context and feel more confident for my next session and am excited for next time.

02/04/2019 – Day 1

Day 1,


On arrival I got a brief overview by my peers as to what today’s tasks will involve. I was excited to be part of the team and get started with my placement. I was relieved to get started. We had to form two questionnaires as a group, one about being a mentor and one about being the individual who has a mentor. The content within the questionnaires were aimed towards the interests of the target audience. Once the questionnaires were formed we had a meeting with the placement supervisor to discuss the questionnaires and through doing this one was chosen to be given to first year Psychology students. Once these were completed we received the results.

Today I felt like a key individual with a role to play. I enjoyed discussing the potential questions for the questionnaire and thinking of the possible answers we would receive. It was exciting to feel as though we could make a difference for students experience of university. We have yet to look at the results, however I am curious to see which common themes arise.


Placement Checklist


This form is not fully completed as I am only in the early stages of my placement. I have got the details from my placement supervisor and have registered my placement on inplace. As I progress through my placement I will keep these forms up to date and sign and date the correct boxes upon completion. I have a folder with all of my placement forms in, which I have organised and printed all of the forms in advance.

I am looking forward to the journey that this placement opportunity will take me on and am excited to sign off each stage as I go.

Student Log of Placement Attendance 2018/2019

This form is not fully complete yet as I am only 8 hours into my 50 hour placement. I have yet to get my placement supervisors signature because the sessions were very busy and there was limited time after the session before she had to be elsewhere; I will get these as soon as possible. I look forward to completing my hours and adding up the days.

Advocacy Placement Details

I am excited to begin my placement within advocacy work. It was to much relief that when speaking to the placement supervisor she was more that happy for me to join with some of my peers and get stuck in. Within this placement opportunity I need to complete 50 hours and I look forward to what it will involve and what I can learn.

Through my placement I will focus on the importance of support for students at university. I will be participating in the planning, discussion and implementation of a support network at the university. We will be forming a support network for first year undergraduates to be able talk freely about their social life, university life and any concerns they may have. However, within this support network safeguarding will be a strong factor and it will be a strictly work relationship with the individuals. It is confidential and the only time the information will be shared is to student support, if we feel that the individual is at risk of harm.

The thought of the project makes me feel proud to be involved and excited to take on the responsibilities available through the process. I think this project will be of high importance to undergraduates; it can make a positive impact on their university experience. Through being a student myself, I understand the stresses of student life and have developed strategies of how to cope, which I can share throughout.

How I felt before my placement offer

Before Confirmation of Placement:

I was very stressed and worried about the possibility of not obtaining a placement. The constant worry of potentially failing the module was on my mind and I found it hard to focus on anything else. Through the built up worry, I decided to reach out to my peers and in doing so the opportunity for working with advocacy raised. I was in constant discussion with my peers from now on wards and arranged a time to meet with my peers, as well as, the placement supervisor. I was eager to get started as I was aware that I was far behind within the module, through the hindrance of not being accepted on previous placement choices.



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