Formative Assesment Documentation Notes:

  • My placement log contains some gaps as I have logged my daily experiences of my placement on Edublog and refrenced this in the placement log documents that have been uploaded.
  • My feedback from my placement is from Home-Start only as I did not start my appropriate adult training until half way through my Home-Start training. However, I have logged my appropriate adult training on Edublog and included it in my placement attendance log. I have also included on my blog some training I attended on 23/03/19 which I initially thought to be for the appropriate adult team which was infact training for the role of a youth worker. Due to this training taking place after my placement ended I have not added it to my placement hours, or included any information about it in my documents. However, I did think it would be an interesting piece of information to add to the blog as I felt it was important in my career development.
  • The Home Start team did not have any additional comments to add to my summative or formative assesments and their feedback was purely verbal. This is due to the fact that they are not officially registed as placement providers and are themselves volunteers. Despite this setback the team still agreed to give me verbal feedback which I was able to write on my summative and fromative assesment. Although the co-ordinators did not give me written feedback I did recieve a card signed by the other volunteers with some positive comments which I will attach to the post.
  • On the placement checklist I origionally signed the first few boxes as I thought my placement provider had not signed it. However, on second glance she had signed where appropriate, therefore this is not applicable.  However, I have made a note on the bottom of the first page stating, ‘Self signed’. Anywhere on the check list where I have wrote N/A (not applicable) means that I have either not completed the task yet or it does not apply to the work I have been doing. I have also wrote the words, ‘Not yet completed’ anywhere on the checklist relating to any task that does not have to be completed until the formative assessment is due in May.
  • I have completed 54 hours of placement so far but my placement will continue until May resulting in a total of 114 hours of work placement.
  • I will be attending two additional training sessions with Home-Start in the up and coming weeks which I have documented on my placement attendance log but not on my check list.  These will both be completed on the same day from 9:30Am until 9Pm and will include training from weeks two and weeks seven which are currently missing from my Edublog. However, I have made note of this in the following weeks posts.
  • Home-Start Final Feedback Scanned Word Doc-1kfk7t2

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