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What we do:

Our service is totally confidential and enables you to discuss issues including:

  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Appeals against Plymouth Marjon University’s decisions relating to your academic progress
  • Complaining if you feel the Plymouth Marjon University has failed in its procedures
  • Self-certify in the case of illness

We provide advice and guidance with any problems students may encounter through their academic programme such as:

  • Long term illness.
  • Interruption, re-start or transferring
  • Module and programme changes
  • Mode of study from part-time to full-time or vice versa

For initial enquiries and information, please contact the Information Hub:

In person: The Information Hub (located at University’s Main Entrance)
Via telephone: 01752 636700
Via email:

Q. How do I…

Apply for Extenuating Circumstances?

The Extenuating Circumstances procedure allows students who are unable to attend an examination or to submit coursework on time due to exceptional reasons either: to submit coursework up to 14 calendar days late without a penalty; or to defer until a new assessment is set for the re-sit period.

Applying for Extenuating Circumstances:

  • Either download an Extenuating Circumstance Form from Learning Space or collect one from the Student Support reception.
  • Read Section 4 of Student Regulations Framework on Extenuating Circumstances to decide what category your circumstance falls under and what evidence you then need to support it.
    Follow this link: Student Regulations Framework
  • Make sure you know your module number/s of the work you want to apply for extenuating circumstances for and the assessment/exam date.
  • Collect evidence to support your claim, as explained in Section 4.5 of the Student Regulations Framework.

Students who have questions around their EC claim can either attend an Academic Advice drop-in (for a quick query) or request an appointment* with Academic Advice if more complex.

Transfer Courses?

  • Download/print a “Programme Transfer Request Form” from Learning Space. Log on and follow this link: Transfer Request Form
  • Contact the Programme Leader of the course you want to be transferred onto.
  • Once they have approved your transfer and signed your form request, attend a Student Funding Advice drop-in* or request an appointment* for their approval also.


  • If you are unsure about whether you want to withdraw, please arrange an appointment with your Personal Development Tutor (FKA your Academic Adviser) to discuss your concerns with them.  If they feel it is appropriate they may then refer you onto Student Support.
  • If you are certain about withdrawing: Download/print a “Withdrawal Form” from Learning Space/Study and Learn/Registry Documents/Student Forms: link to withdrawal form
  • Arrange to meet with your Personal Development Tutor to speak with them about why you wish to withdraw.
  • Once your PDT or Programme Lead have approved your withdrawal and signed your form, attend either a Student Funding Advice drop-in* or request an appointment* for their approval and guidance on what to do about stopping your Student Finance.

Interrupt my Studies?

  • Download/print an “Interruption Form” from Learning Space. Log on and follow the links: Learning Space/Study and Learn/Registry Documents: link to Interruption Form
  • Arrange to meet with your Programme Leader to speak with them about your intentions to interrupt your studies.
  • Once they have approved your interruption and signed your form request an appointment* with the Academic Advice and Student Funding Advice.

Re-take the Year?

  • Students will find out once results are officially published if they are eligible to re-take their year.
  • For initial guidance about whether you may be able to re-take your year please arrange an appointment* with the Academic Advice Co-ordinator and Student Funding Adviser.

Make an Appeal?

  • If you wish to talk this through with someone you can speak with your Student Union or request an appointment* with Academic Advice
  • If you do not wish to speak with someone, or you are content you have the grounds to appeal, you should email the Academic Standards Officer, Norman Jope ( to request the official paperwork.
  • Complete the paperwork that is sent to you and return it to him.
  • N.B. That any student who wishes to make an appeal can not do so until the Boards have sat and marks officially released. Until this time you should just gather your evidence for your appeal until it is needed.  

Make a Complaint?

  • If you are making a complaint against the University it is recommended you speak with your Student Union in the first instance, as they are a separate entity from the University. However, students can also request an appointment with the Academic Advice Co-ordinator or Head of Student Support*.
  • If you are content on your wish to make a complaint email the Academic Standards Officer, Norman Jope ( to request the official paperwork.
  • Complete the paperwork that is sent to you and return it to him.

* Information on how to book appointments with Student Support staff/drop-in times can be found by clicking here.


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