I’m a 21 year old sports therapy student from Tavistock, Devon. I have 2 working gun dogs and a passion for all things music, food and being outdoors. My interest in sports therapy comes from my love of being active and the many injuries that I have picked up along the way. My sports include road cycling, swimming and working my gun dog. The biggest part of my sports therapy career will be working around allergies and completing in depth research with different lotions and treatments etc. as I have many allergies myself. My key interests are in Kinesiology tape and deep tissue massage using various techniques such as tipotments and posture taping.

This blog will be about my time at Marjons University; the work, treatment techniques and conferences that I attend. Along with all of the placements that I am/will be completing.

Find my CV here Hannah Cox CV-26dmi9r

This year at university I will be working for Plymouth Argaum RFC on my placement helping the coaching and medical staff keep the guys fit and (hopefully) injury free throughout the season. This will be from July 2018 to April 2019. All of this information will be on the STYD01 link and will have weekly reviews of training sessions and treatments. I will be recording the matches for my Pitchside placement. These reflections and match reports can be found here.