For second year we need 100+ hours of practical learning (placement). This can be with different sports teams, clubs or clinics. My ideal placement would be with with the Royal Navy Rugby Team in Portsmouth. They are a professional rugby team who train and compete in matches for the season and then when the season finishes they go back on deployment for The Royal Navy. During this placement I would ideally be completing hands on treatments to players whilst also shadowing their team of physiotherapists, sports therapists and sports rehabilitators.

Although this is my ultimate goal for second year placements contact has been made with the team and it could be a possibility alongside another local rugby team that has already been accepted.

From looking at my GAP analysis these placements would help me develop my networking skills and putting my knowledge into a practical situation which are both highlighted as weaknesses from the analysis. I would also be able to learn a lot of information from all different health professionals that I would be working with. This would include practical skills, injury prevention and injury analysis. The only downside would be that some match and training dates may collide but with by planning ahead this can be avoided.

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