Plymouth Marjon students were left stranded last night after a mix up by Pryzm Nightclub management led to the bus service being cancelled.

Pryzm Nightclub are normally reliable with the weekly complimentary bus laid on for Marjon students on a Wednesday but unfortunately last night a group of students were left out in the cold. MUS President Elias McGill explained that he did not know about the problem until the last minute when the busses were due to arrive. Unfortunately it was too late to do anything at that time. He spoke to the general manager of Pryzm who apologised for the mix up. Elias is currently looking for compensation and hopefully next Wednesday all Marjon students will get free entry into the night club.

One student affected by the mistake said: ‘It wasn’t great and caused students to have to frantically call cabs last minute. I think a good compensation would be free entry into the nightclub in the future.’


Should we give money to homeless people?

You’re walking down the street doing a bit of shopping when a small voice to the side of you calls out “Do you have any change?”

What do you do?

We’ve all heard the cautionary word of warning that you shouldn’t give homeless people money because they’ll just spend it on drugs. But do they? Recently there’s been a lot of media coverage perpetuating this idea and implying that anyone who asks you for money on the streets is faking it or using it to fuel a drug habit. So what do people at Marjon actually think of this conundrum? Do you give homeless people money or do you donate to a homeless charity?


Jewelled pasties stolen


Police say they have removed a crime scene guard from Truro city centre after an armed robbery at a jeweller.

Men wearing balaclavas carried out the raid at Michael Spiers Jewellers just before 10:00.

Police said a noxious substance was used in the raid and a handgun was found on the ground. A member of the public was believed to have been injured in the incident but his injuries were described as minor.

Insp Rick Milburn, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said the city centre was “slowly returning to normal”.

He also thanked the witnesses present during the incident, but appealed for any other members of the public who witnessed anything to contact police.

He said: “Even the smallest detail may help and could make a difference to this investigation.”

One man, one cup


A charity in Bude that promotes cleaner seas says it is “thrilled to bits” the environment minister was pictured carrying the reusable cup it sent him into an important meeting.

The Cleaner Seas Project sent Michael Gove the turquoise cup after seeing him using a non-recyclable one before Christmas.

He was pictured carrying his new cup into 10 Downing Street yesterday, and then had it on the table in front of him for a picture of a cabinet meeting.

Avril Sainsbury, from the group, said: “It’s a learning curve for everybody and we thought it would be a lovely gesture to send him a pack for Christmas.

“It’s great to see somebody at the top really taking notice.”

She continued: “It’s come back to grassroots – the groups and organisations on the battle ground, not just in Bude, but nationwide and globally – which is really nice.”