Sport Therapy conference at Marjon

On Friday 11th May Plymouth Marjon University hosted a Sports therapy and rehabilitation conference which included a wide range of events. The day started off with a key note session from Professor Kathy Myburgh of South Africa, she is a professor of physiological sciences and presented her studies and what she would like to find more about. Students then presented their studies orally and then in a poster exhibition.

The afternoon consisted of 3 workshops of Using a trackman golf simulator to inform injury management in golfers, The benefits of pregnancy massage and the social support in an injured athlete. The first workshop I attended was the golf simulator where Sammie Giles, professional golfer, would explain the basics of a golf swing and slow down the movements to look at the biomechanics. The area we focused on was the Thoracic and hip rotation from start to finish in the movement. We then looked at stretches and warm ups for these movements to reduce the risk of injury from the golf swing.

The next workshop was pregnancy massage and the benefits, the session started off on contraindications, when and where to massage and how. We then practically had a go with dealing with a pregnant client and how you would go about it and the techniques you would use. The day finished off with a 3 course meal and an after dinner speech from professional golfer Sammie Giles and how she has overcome barriers such as injury in her sporting career.

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