The Four (not five) Most Memorable Unbeaten Winning Streaks In Sport

Following Manchester City’s record breaking 15 wins in a row in the Premier League, we look at the four (not five) most memorable unbeaten winning streaks achieved by a sports team.

  1. The USA Men’s Olympic Basketball team were unbeaten for an incredible 63 matches spanning from 1936 to 1972 only to to be┬ábeaten in a controversial game against the Soviet Union at the 1972 Olympic games.


2. The US Baseball team Oakland Athletic produced one of the greatest streaks in sporting history. Short on stars and adopting the statistical approach dubbed ‘Moneyball’ (Later turned into a film starring Brad Pitt) The A’s would go on a record breaking 20 match win streak. the 20th game would see them squander an 11-0 lead against Kansas City Royals to be tied 11-11. Step up Scott Hatteberg who would hit a home run to seal The A’s place in history.


3) Boxing Streaks of any kind are an impressive streak to have, yet the most impressive of all is Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez who holds the record at 87-0. Chavez was a six time world champion in three different weight divisions. The Mexicans streak lasted over 13 years and ended with defeat to Frankie Randall in 1994. He is considered by many to be the best pound for pound fighter to grace the squared circle.


4) The Invincible’s. Arsenal FC were handed this nickname after ending the 2003-4 season unbeaten in the Premier League. They went on to have a 49-0 record with 36 wins and 13 draws amongst that record. The run ended after an ill tempered 1-0 defeat to the hands of Manchester United. Within this un-beaten run the Gunners managed 14 wins in a row which Manchester City surpassed against Swansea City. Can Pep Guardiola’s men break the run held by Wenger’s Invincible’s?








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