Placement week 1

Week commencing on the 14/10/2019:

Tuesday the 15th:

Training session for the club so I get to the club at 6PM and I stay for the first bit of training to make sure the lads are okay to train. By getting to the club early it allows players needing treatment time to discuss their concerns before training and for treatment to take place.

There are players with a few “niggles” carrying over from playing the previous Saturday with stiffness of the legs, should discomfort and a problematic calf.

Used MET stretching techniques to help ease of the tightness of the legs and allow for ROM which the player said helped and “felt 100xs better” afterwards. The calf was similar with using MET but also showing certain stretches the player can carry out at home to help prevent this reoccurring. I offered STM to help release any tension in the shoulder by going over the Traps, Lev Scap and Rhomboids. Also gave the player advice on releasing tension in the neck/shoulder area.

Thursday the 17th:

One player came in with history of tight hamstrings and calf due to an old ACL injury the player needs help stretching before any activity to prevent any injury. MET was used for both the hamstrings and calfs with added over pressure to ensure the muscle was stretched out. Another player just wanted their writs taping as they have previously broken their thumb and tape it up before training and games.

Saturday the 19th Game day:

On game days, I meet the players at 1PM for any taping, strapping, stretching needs. I am present throughout the warmup and giving advice on how the players can stretch effectively leading the stretching part of the warmup. Once the game is underway, I follow the flow of the game keeping close eye on contact areas, rucks, mauls, tackles and especially scums as that’s where the players are prone to injuries.

The first player went down with an ankle injury resulting in a sprain/strain of the Deltoid Ligament as the pain was on the medial side of the foot and struggled to weight bare. Treatment was holding an ice pack in the affected area to and reduce the amount of swelling and advice was giving to seek further medical advice if pain was still present after 24hrs.

Play was stopped to clean up some blood from a player with a bloody nose and then play continued as it was just a case of wiping away the blood and no blood continuing to flow.

Play was stopped for a head injury, the player went in for a tackle and took an elbow to the chin which was the concern as the play remained conscious, no pain other than jaw ache and they knew simple questions like the date, what day, month and where we were.

The last injury for the game was when a player broke out of a tackle but had an arm wrapped around his knee and due to their previous injury (ruptured PCL) the player was experiencing discomfort but could still walk and weight bare.


Treated two clients.

Client one:

Feedback: Client came in with tight quads and complaining off restricted movement. After session client felt better and had more ROM.

Summary: After observation client showed tight quads. Massaged quads to help relax and realign the muscle fibres.

Improvements: Working with clients pain threshold.

Client two.

Feedback: Client wanted a calf massage to help with their Achilles tendonitis. Client left session feeling better and less pain when walking.

Summary: After observation the client showed tight calfs and sore achilles. Massaged clients calfs to help aid recovery.

Improvements: Time management


Treated two clients.

Client one:

Feedback: Client one came in complaining off pain in their shoulders and neck. Client left session feeling better trying a taping technique to help posture.

Summary: Massaged clients shoulders and neck. Taped the shoulders back to help promote good posture and shown techniques to ease neck stiffness.

Improvements: Time mangment as I was late for second client.

Client two:

Feedback: Client two wanted a massage on the quads as they wanted to relax.

Summary: Massaged clients quads to help relax them.

Improvements: Keeping contact with client.


Treated one client.

Feedback: Client came in from one of the other sessions with their Hamstring Tendinopathy. Client left session feeling more relaxed and with less pain in the knee.

Summary: After observation client had increased ROM since last session. Massaged clients hamstrings and used hacking the technique to help relax the client.

Improvements: Communication with client via what im carrying out.


Treated one client:

Feedback: Client came in wishing for a back massage as they felt stress at work and just wanted a relaxing massage. Client felt more relaxed after session.

Summary: After carrying out a questionnaire to ensure client was okay to have a massage, carried out said massage on the clients back.

Improvements: To remember to take watch off before massage.


Treated one client.

Feedback: Client came in from before with a weak glute, showing signs of improvement. Feels better from last session and left today feeling even better and more relaxed.

Summary: Client shows an increase in balance of the glutes, massaged hamstrings and also gave more exercises to carry out until the next session.

Improvements: Time keeping as I ran over again.


Treated 1 client.

Feedback: Client came in with lower back pain due to having a disk removed and sciatica down the left leg. Client left session with a positive feeling to know they have started rehab and is looking forward to the next session.

Summary: After observation, the client had very little ROM through the back (extension, flection, rotation, side flexion). Gave client a light massage to help aid scar tissue around the lower back and replaced disk. Also gave client exercises to carry out to help improve ROM.

Improvements: Time keeping as went over the time.


Today I treated one client:

Feedback: Client came into session with upper back/neck pain and stiffness. After session client had slightly more ROM but could still feel the pain although It had decreased.

Summary: After observation client had rolled shoulders and was holding the right shoulder in a raised position. I massaged the upper back, shoulders and used pressure point techniques on the neck. Also showed client stretching techniques to carry out whilst at work.

Improvements: Keeping in contact with client at all times or more communication on what I am carrying out.