Placement Journal

Only complete this section once, you will probably want to make this your Edublogs home page.

Name of placement organisation:


Name of Placement Supervisor:


Overall aim of placement:


Subsequent aims of placement:

You may wish to add more.

Objective 1:


Objective 2:


Objective 3:




Add a new page to your Edublog for your journal entries. Complete a new journal entry every time you visit your placement.  

Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.

Date of visit:

Group or individual with whom I worked:

NB: If you are working with an individual please assign them a pseudo-name.




BEFORE my placement …

What am I aiming to achieve from my placement today? What do I need to be mindful of? What issues/questions need to be addressed to ensure I achieve my aim? Do I need to be aware of particular theories, or have particular skills? Have I thought about all of the ‘what ifs’?


DURING my placement …

What did I notice happening around me today? What was I thinking and feeling? How was I involved? Did I do anything to intervene and change the situation that I found myself in e.g. how I conveyed a point or whether I decided not to do something I had planned to do? Did my reflections at the time change the session I had planned or my actions?


AFTER my placement … (based on the Gibbs Reflective Cycle)

Describe the activities you undertook whilst on placement today. Set the context, what you did and what happened.

Document how you felt through-out your placement today. Were you anxious, confident, pleased or disappointed?

Evaluate today’s placement activity. What went well, what went badly, what would you have done differently?

Take a deeper, analytical and critical approach to today’s experiences. Can you make connections or apply academic theory or current policy to understand why today’s activities went well or went badly.

Draw conclusions. What have you learnt from today’s activities and your reflections?

Action plan. How will you apply what you have learnt from today’s activities to the rest of your placement and your future professional and personal development? Do you need to undertake further research or reading? Are there courses that you need to undertake to fill a skills gap?

Have any questions arisen today that I need to discuss with my Placement Supervisor or University Placement Tutor (UPT)?


RETURNING to my reflections …

It is often useful to return to your reflections after a period of time. Revisit the experiences you had; think about how you felt (positive and negative feelings) and re-evaluate your experiences. Do you feel differently about the experience now time has passed have your feelings changed in light of the experience or do you now view the experience in a different light?



Am I able to complete any actions in my Personal & Professional Development Plan?

Are there any actions I need to add to my Personal & Professional Development Plan?


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