Placement Week 6: The week before Christmas!

The bells are ringing, but I remain in a heat chamber. Today (14/12/18) was cold, but I found my skin melting in a 35 degree room. Fun. I promise!


Nothing new this week, but I planned to aid Henry in developing some of his literature using Mendeley, so I’m getting to work in other ways.


Now for Christmas Carols!

Placement Week 3: A light in the dark

I have begun working away for Alison, the first of the PHD students I am assisting, and its great!


Not only am I learning lab techniques, but also knowledge! The heat chamber has become my permanent abode, and not because of the heat (which is a downside!). I start with Henry in two weeks, but for now I am looking after participants, taking their weight, measuring Glutamine and monitoring participants. Lets get cracking.

Placement Week 2: The Long Grind

To work!


No really, I have begun toiling away in the lab under Chris and Ben, and already found opportunities. I have been asked to be used as an aid for two PHD projects, and will gain invaluable experience with the heat chamber and other stuff!


But for now, just being a lab hand is my fate. Its still pretty fun!


In the beginning, there was Darkness (Placement entry #1)

All good stories start at the beginning, with the hero unready and unknowing of their journey. This is no different, hunting for a placement that played to my specific skillset. Luckily, part of that skillset is prudence and diligence, so I was the first to begin a long and arduous process of paperwork. But in the distance, the light shone brightly.


I passed the paperwork of my university to the lab, and then back, and then to the lab again, and finally, completed it myself. fortunately, I survived the fearsome paperwork, and began in earnest!

I have been added to the lab’s Sport performance team, and will be assisting in developing the image of the lab, through it’s website, among other lab duties. Much like I am here. Fitting, isn’t it?


The learning begins now!

Placement: P.H.D. Panic

Welcome to a diary of my adventure as a lab assistant in Plymouth, assisting with P.H.Ds, Mres and general lab stuff!


Under this category, you will find a collection of information about random lab protocols, and spend your time trawling through my time in a very hot (or cold!) room! See the source image


The blog of Joel Smith, an athletics coach and magazine columnist. The Website JustFlyPerformance has guides to performance, coaching and everything else you can expect for a good sports blog!


With excellent formatting and presentation, this website has some great potential. If only this one was so lucky! Find his masterpiece here: JustFlyPerformance

Fitness Republic

Fitness Republic is a website that resembles a toolbox. Endless resources on fitness, nutrition, community events and more. If you could think to ask about it, it’s probably there. Plus they recently did a very similar article to mine! Great minds think alike!


Find their website here: FitnessRepublic

They also have an app, which helps with nutrition and community connections! Find it from their website, and you’ll feel healthier already!

Japanese tourism- Olympic preparations!

For handy guides to Japan, Chris Broad’s website and Youtube channel ABroadinJapan is a beacon of cross-continental internationalism, offering guides to simple things like bars and simple etiquette, to tours of the prefectures of Japan for both food and fun!


Plus he has guides to Airport and public transport, activities for your stay in Japan, ideas for your budgeting issues (We all have them!) and how you can make the most of the magic of Japan! #JPNOlympics is on it’s way!


Check out the Website here: AbroadinJapan

Or his Youtube channel here: AbroadinJapan Youtube

Runner’s world

The blog authored by Alex Hutchinson, a famed and respected columnist for many magazines, winning national awards. He has also recently published a book: Endure; the mind, body, and curiously elastic limits of human performance! Definitely worth a read! Having reviewed it myself, i can definitely recommend it!


Runner’s world focuses on nutrition and endurance running, offering resources to develop runners in any way possible, from food to shoes, and brains to the training field.


Find it here; Runner’s world