Professional development resources

Find here the links to many professional courses that may help you grow, develop and expand your knowledge, while also providing a path to be more qualified and perhaps even a career!

Become an FA referee

With this link, you can find general information on becoming an FA Referee and official. The FA have made becoming a referee easier than ever, while simultaneously making it more rewarding than your average morning post delivery job. Not only is it easy to qualify, but their professional development team will turn any aspirant into a strong, charismatic individual in no time.


First Aid training

By becoming a first aider, you are not only qualified to work in sport more freely, you are also more likely to be hired by prospective employers. Show your aptitude for learning by earning this qualification before it is required of you, and maybe even save a few lives in the process!


Gym instructor

Becoming a lv2 Gym instructor is a good start for anyone looking to develop a strong practical skillset. Furthermore, it is a way to gain a job quite simply for youths, as well as providing a good foundation for future careers. Even if you only plan to use this as a side job, it is something you will not regret.

About me

Rory Payton; Sport scientist, culture enthusiast, Website Creator!

I am a Sport science at Plymouth Marjon university. After years of sport as a child, I decided to develop my skills as a teacher, my first passion. After discovering the science behind sport, however, I was fascinated, and found my way into the world of research, utilising my skills to debate and develop with others. Recently, I have been enamoured with developing my knowledge and understanding, as well as trying to expand my own experience.


Within sport, I have experience as a referee of Futsal and Football, as well as a player of Tennis and volleyball. Not only this, I now host my own research on this website, widening my own knowledge.


Now, I look forward to implementing this website into my work, using it as an archive of all the interesting work I have become proud of. Feel free to share the joy, and find your love of sport from mine!


See my CV for more details!

Official 2020 Olympics

With the Olympics fast approaching, better book your tickets now! See you in the Japanese national arena in July 2020, ready for the opening ceremony. Google around, and make sure you know your Japanese for when you arrive in Haneda or Narita international airport, ready to go in Tokyo!

IOC Tokyo 2020!


Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

James Allen’s F1

This sleek blog is a master class in news and design, with high quality presentation for an excellent blog page. Prepare yourself for the new season beginning soon, or catch up on what you missed with his James Allen’s blog found below:

James Allen on F1

Olympic countdown 2020

Begin the countdown to your Olympics now, as we head towards the opening  ceremony of Tokyo 2020! Make sure to mark your calendar, get learning your Japanese and grab a friend for the event of the decade. Even better, grab a group of buddies and attend or host a viewing party. Be sure to invite me!


Tokyo 2020 Olympic countdown

Sport Journals: Sport Psychology


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Rory Payton CV

236 Longridge way, Weston Super Mare, Somerset | | 07873791653


11 GCSE’s A-C, Including English, Mathematics and Sciences

BTEC Lv3: Sport and Exercise science: D*D*D*

Current: BA Sport Exercise Sciences- Plymouth Marjon University

Skills & Abilities

Sports Coaching volunteer- 25-hour award

F.A. cup semi-final recognition u16s, u 18s

F.A. referee recognition- Lv.7/Lv.6 promotion

F.A. Football futures recognition award- coaching volunteer

F.A. First aid Lv1

F.A. mandatory H+S lv.1

Weston Community progress award

Sainsbury’s active kids Inclusivity award

Weston community assistant- 2015 (W.E.)

Weston tennis club coaching assistant: 2013-2015 (W.E.)


Attendee of:

Effects of Psychobiology on human performance- Samuelé Marcora




Tennis Coach- Weston Tennis Club

December 2014- September 2017

Acted as an assistant during work experience, before being hired as a part time assistant, before finally being offered the role of private coaching and group leader in late 2015


Weston-S-Mare Community assistant- Weston City Council

November 2015- September 2016

Assisted Community development and sport for Weston city council, Alongside Weston football club Community officer Geoff Stevens, Providing community building sessions.


Weston College Student union- Weston College

September 2015- Feburary 2017

Acted as Sports officer and VP for Weston college, attend meetings with the Management staff, and planned sport-based fundraisers.


Jaimie Allen, Senior head tennis coach

Weston Tennis club



Geoff Stevens, Weston-S-Mare Community officer