JAMD04 – Lecture 3

This lecture, we were creating CVs. And not like our original CVs, that have to all look pretty much identical and contain all the same information with slightly different GCSE grades, but personal CVS.

Because journalism is a pretty creative industry, I wanted to make a creative CV, something that kind of says what kind of person I am and also showing I know how to use InDesign past a 20 minute crash course.
Being me, I created my CV to look like a Wild West Wanted poster. It’s not finished, as I need a professional-ish headshot to go in the centre, and need to change the background colour, but the info is down, and the design is mostly complete too.
I chose this design because it will definitely stand out, it’s a bit weird, and hopefully they’ll know I’m a bit different because of it.

Shannon Brown CV unfinished-wmqbh2

JAMD04 – Lecture 4

This week, I took some online quizzes on the Marjon Futures site.

The most interesting one was the Temperament quiz – essentially a version of the MBTI test, which I’ve done many times already. I’ve always had the same answer when doing it before – INFJ – so I wasn’t expecting anything new on this one, but it told me I was an INFP – the only difference being a preference for spontaneity and going with the flow. Depending on how much these personality quizzes are to be believed, that might explain why I’m struggling to get organised and complete tasks on time.

Out of the quizzes I took, they were mostly different answers to what I expected. The Stress Management one, for example, would I cope well with stress “most of the time,” and I don’t really agree with that. A healthy management would be talking to people, working through things,  allowing time for breaks. I tend to ignore stressful things until it gets too much then blitz through and produce something a little bit half-assed.

On writing that, I realise I definitely to start handling that a bit better.



JaMD04 – Lecture 2

We created an online portfolio full of the stuff we created over the past year, and beyond. Mine includes links to my personal blog, and some of the video and audio packages from last year.


It isn’t completely finished, because there are some more things I would like to add – the videos me and Clara made for the uni for election season, and the video I edited for the chaplaincy last summer – but there’s a wide selection of skills shown on the portfolio, which I think is better than tailoring it specifically to what I want to do after uni.

I then spoke to Mike about what kind of placement I was interested in; I still have no idea.

My strongest skill is writing, and it’s what I enjoy doing most, so I’d like to go into written journalism, though, right now, I’m not fussy about whether online or in print – the print industry is dying so I would probably write for online magazines or news sites. Though i said I don’t want to do news and I stand by that – I think I’ve done too much creative writing to be a good news writer.