Week 2 1/12/2019

On Sunday the 1st of December i run a social handball session for people to attend, have fun and play a new sport. There was a lot of interest for handball from the survey however, only 4 people turned up. This was a disappointment for me as it was the first event i have put on. But it is something to learn from. Maybe i didn’t promote it was much as i should have done. I just felt like it was just a small social event for people to do so it doesn’t need that much more promotion.

Hours done: 2

Week 1-21/11/19

I had my first meeting with the sports federation and the SU. We spoke about how to get more females at Marjon into sport, that will be followed by a meeting with the female teams captains. Social Sundays will be sporting activities that will happen every Sunday. With good response from the survey i created, I will be running handball sessions on Sunday’s. If it goes well we could possibly run a full handball club. I look forward to implement ideas from meeting into practice.

Hours done: 2

1 from the meeting and 1 for my time creating the survey.