Clinical Hours

Hours 3

In this session my client was a hockey player for the Women Marjon’s 1st team. She had just recently had an injury on her Achilles tendon. At the start of the session I looked at both her calfs and noticed that due to the injury and having to rest, that there was a big difference in muscle bulk. Due to her injuring her left achilles tendon, the right calf had a greater muscle bulk.

I completed a very light session of soft tissue massage. I focused mainly on the left calf, as it had been resting for a long time and so I tried to improve the blood circulation there. However, due to the injury not being fully healed, I was less forceful with the massage and only gave the client a more calm approach for their first session.

In the next session, I will again improve circulation in both calfs and start to get deeper as the client is further recovered from their injury.

Clinical Hours

Hours 2

In this hour my patient was a competitive swimmer. He was complaining of pain in the right side of his back. I got the client to stand up whilst I observed how he stood and how level his shoulders, hips and knees were. His right side was slightly higher than his left. In addition, his posture was slightly hunched. I then proceeded to palpate his upper back and focused on the scapula. There seemed to be a knot by his medial border and some tightness close to his inferior angle by his left scapula. His ROM when doing shoulder flexion was very good, however when doing shoulder extension he struggled. His shoulder adduction and abduction was also very good but did feel a slight pain.

I performed soft tissue massage on the back. I concentrated improving the bloody flow around the scapula, therefore reducing the tightness and knot he had by his scapula. After the session I checked his ROM, which had seemed to have improved.

In another session I would like to focus on improving his posture and find out what is causing his hips, shoulders and knees to lie unevenly.

Clinical Hours

Hours 1

In this hour, my client was a 1st team lacrosse player for Marjon. He was complaining of pain in hamstring area due to not stretching before and after a recent match. I palpated his hamstring and found tightness in his bicep femoris and his semitendinosus. Before I executed soft tissue massage, I examined the ROM in his hamstrings. The ROM when he did hip extension was very good, however his hip flexion was only 45 degrees.

I used this session to improve my skills of soft tissue massage on the hamstrings. I started with effleurage and continued with petrissage to reduce tightness. I checked his ROM after the treatment and his hip flexion had definitely improved.