16.05.19 Clinical Hours

This clinic session I treated two patients. Patient 1 (24-year-old male volleyball player) came in with complaints of muscle knots and tightness in the middle trapezius. Pain on palpation and muscle knots in the left and right middle trapezius were found as well as tender erector spinae (ES). Treatment was a STM to the ES and middle trapezius, NMT for both muscle knots and MET stretch for the trapezius.

The second patient (20-year-old female football player) came in with a swollen knee due to a minor contact injury playing football. Treatment was oedema taping with the aim of reducing swelling with the technique shown below.

After the clinic session I looked up to see the validity of k-tape for swelling reduction and found conflicting information on whether it is viable treatment method. However, a study by Chan & Lim (2015) found that k-taping was helpful in managing swelling and recovery of a post-op ACL injury which suggests that it would help in treating a mildly swollen knee. Furthermore, I realised after the session that I need more practice with applying k-tape as I took a long time to apply the tape correctly. As such I have signed up to the Plymouth half marathon, so I can hopefully hone my taping skills.


Chan, M., & Lim, M. (2015). Efficacy of kinesiology taping in reducing knee swelling in patients who have undergone primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Physiotherapy101, e210. doi: 10.1016/j.physio.2015.03.376

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