27.03.19 Clinical Hours (2nd Clinic session, Pre-event Massage)

Assisted in pre and post event massage at Marjon University for the Sports Varsity. Before the session I took some time to look up some taping methods for shin splints and ankle stability. During the session I conducted pre- event massage on two patients that came in wanting their calves and hamstrings massaged. Went over contraindications and then applied superficial and fast effleurage, petrissage and tapotement (hacking) to the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semi-membranosus, gastrocnemius and soleus. I then taped a third patients left lateral ankle for some extra support to the ligaments (ATFL and CFL) as the patient had a history of lateral ankle sprains.

After the patients left, I refreshed my memory on the benefits of pre and post event massage and taping for lateral ankle support. I found that the purpose of pre- event massage was to stimulate blood flow, decrease muscle tension and to generally stimulate the muscles (Elizabeth & Cook, 2011). I then found an article on ankle taping (Karlsson, Swärd & Andréasson, 1993) who suggest that taping the lateral ankle in a basket weave and combined with a stirrup and heel-lock are the best methods of increasing stability (especially eversion/inversion) of the ankle. They also suggest that tape can be used during rehabilitation to aid recovery. For future taping sessions I need to revise the basket weave method as I am not familiar with this taping technique.


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Karlsson, J., Swärd, L., & Andréasson, G. (1993). The Effect of Taping on Ankle Stability. Sports Medicine, 16(3), 210-215. doi: 10.2165/00007256-199316030-00005

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