27.03.19 Leg Ulcer Clinic Hours

Attended the weekly leg ulcer clinic that runs from 9-11 am on Wednesdays. Before I attended I refreshed my memory of the lower limb resistance band exercises such as leg extensions, hip abductor and plantarflexion exercises. During the session I lead the warmups for both groups (2 groups 1 hour each) which included both lower (e.g. seated marching, seated heel lifts, leg circling) and upper body (e.g. arm circling, shadow boxing) to improve circulation. Then me and the supervisor took turns doing resistance band exercises such as leg extensions, abductor exercises, rows and triceps extensions to work on strength and to keep the blood circulation going. This session went quite well, and I now know most of the exercises we do each week. I did notice that some patients struggling to do some of the exercises and were feeling pain, so I will look up some exercise regressions for next time. I also found a study by Roaldsen et al. (2011) that suggests that ulcer patients benefit from rehab exercises not just physically but that they also use the rehabilitation session to distract themselves from the pain that the leg ulcers are causing and thus helping them mentally deal with the treatment.


Roaldsen, K. S., Biguet, G., & Elfving, B. (2011). Physical activity in patients with venous leg ulcer–between engagement and avoidance. A patient perspective. Clinical rehabilitation25(3), 275-86.

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